We are your specialist for the implementation of nature-related, creative and functional outside surface environments. We accompany you from the idea and planning phase until the continuous maintenance - with commitment and pleasure in the result.

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We are your specialist for the implementation of nature-related, creative and functional outdoor surface designs.

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    • Sporting renovation
      Efficient and effective!
      April 2018, Herdecke
    • A garden for many guests
      An update
      Summer 2019
    • New house entrance
      Dark granite instead of washed concrete
      July 2018, Iserlohn
    • Renovation and reconstruction in Wiblingwerde
      Replacement of plaster and plate surfaces
      August 2019
    • On our own behalf
      Wanted: foreman & landscape gardener m/w in gardening and landscaping
    • Playground construction and safety inspections
      We take great care to ensure that the children can safely play on your playgrounds.

    Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Sallermann Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH

    We are your strong team for high quality and creative horticulture and landscaping.

    Welcome to . My name is Stephan Sallermann. I am the managing director of our gardening and landscaping company in Hagen, Westphalia. I cordially invite you to get to know us and our services by clicking through these pages. In particular, my team and I look forward to get in touch with you personally.


    Stephan Sallermann

    Our procedure model

    From the idea to your dream garden

    The first impression is often decisive. Self-evident aspects as well-kept and friendly demeanor or the adherence of appointments are just not always self-evident. Also listening must be learned in order to be able to advise you comprehensively and competently according to your ideas. Together we develop - by taking into account your financial opportunities - the suitable basic concept for the grounds that are to be designed.
    In the first consultations we have matched your thoughts and ideas as well as our experience and knowledge with each other. Based on this information, we now create meaningful planning sketches and drawings so that you - but also we ourselves - get a more accurate picture of the future shape of the area. From this often further suggestions arise which we are happy to incorporate. Even now we are talking in detail about materials and implementation options and the associated costs. After all, we do not want any surprises later.
    The design of the outdoor area is - possibly up to individual questions of detail - finished. Now the implementation of the planned follows. Our years of experience and expertise enable us to provide a professional and high-quality execution - to your satisfaction and our gratification.
    If you wish, we are happy to take over the continuous maintenance of your grounds. Often maintenance is necessary so that the beauty of the newly created endures.

    More than 41 years of experience

    Also you can benefit from our comprehensive expertise.

    Our service categories

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